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We are the final word on entertainment!

Goodlife cooperative events is an entertainment nightlife, lifestyle and tourism destination and website which helps advertisers to create a connection with consumers both online and offline

Being a new company Goodlife aims to feature the largest listings of entertainment events in Nigeria.

Through the event listings articles, pictures and videos GoodLife connects users to The Entertainment scene in and around the world.

Goodlife cooperative events propriety media property is https://goodlifecooperative.events. An entertainment nightlife, lifestyle and tourism destination and website

Goodlife cooperative events aims to promote groundbreaking Entertainment events for a host of companies and event organizers in virtually every entertainment category these categories are global with budgets from low to high in scale

Goodlife cooperative events combine detailed personalized service that are the Hallmark of agencies while also providing our clients with the wide array of entertainment and business services

Good life is the final word on Entertainment

Sports, Business, Art, Comedy, Night club, Theatre, Exhibitions,  Music  Festivals, Conferences, Carnival, Stage play, Magic shows, Pageants, Food shows and more …

About Us

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